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Hello Kitty Pet Bed

I think this is supposed to be a dog bed, but since I don’t have a dog I turned it into a cat bed! Here is my wonderful Zoey kitten taking a nap in the HK bed amongst some of her toys. She isn’t spoiled or anything! lol The second picture is of Zoey on her first day home when she was just 8 weeks old climbing out of her bed! I wish they would make more HK stuff for cats! 🙂 Click the pic to enlarge. 🙂

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Hello Kitty and Her Puppy!


This is one of my favorite Hello Kitty plushies. Hello Kitty is featured with her dog. Who knew she had a dog?!? Why of course! haha. I don’t know what the dog’s real name is, but I like to call him Pepe (pronounced pep-pay). Pepe barks when you squeeze him and it does really sound like a little dog bark! Hello Kitty is sporting her pink dress that has a dog bone on the heart in the middle. Super cute as always! Click the photo to enlarge. 🙂