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Hello Kitty INH Super Fantastic AstroBrush

Hi Kitty Fans!

I just have to tell you about this awesome-sauce Hello Kitty astronaut brush from Insert Name Here (INH).

It was a little more expensive than I would normally pay for a brush, but I really wanted the astronaut kitty. It turns out it is a GREAT brush (at least for my hair). My hair was all kinds of messy and tangled, so I thought I’d give the new brush a try. I kid you not, it did not hurt ONE BIT and it got all of the tangles out!!! Like, I was shocked, because in the past brushes always hurt with tangles. I will note that I have naturally straight hair, so I’m not sure how it works with wavy or curly hair. However, it is a really cute brush as well. I was just totally surprised it worked so well.

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Guest Cat: Corona Cat



Hi HK fans!

I created my own cat named Corona Cat.

I started out by making Corona Cat fabrics on Spoonflower. I made some other Corona animals too. You can find the fabrics (some not for sale quite yet) at this link: https://www.spoonflower.com/collections/386916-corona-animals-by-kristinbell

AND I just made Corona Cat pins to commemorate all of this weirdness. You can find the Corona Cat pins at this link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/809472281/corona-cat-soft-enamel-pin-to

I hope you like Corona Cat and all of the other Corona animals. They wish to make you smile. 🙂


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Supercute HK Torrid Onesie!

Hello HK friends! I just got this awesome supercute Hello Kitty Constellation Onesie from Torrid. I love it, and it even fits! It is very soft and comfy. I think they are out of stock at the moment, but they might get more later.

Photo on 12-19-18 at 7.01 PM


Cat photobomb with onesie! LOL

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Giant Hello Kitty Fries etc.

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Hello Kitty YouTube Channel!

OMG you all! Hello Kitty just started a YouTube channel! Check out her first video, and don’t forget to subscribe!

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Hello Kitty X Converse, Aug. 16th


In case you haven’t heard, Hello Kitty and Converse have teamed up and are releasing a line of shoes (and maybe other things?) on August 16th 2018. They will be available worldwide online at converse.com and other retailers. Yay! OMG!!! I’m so excited, because Converse are my favorite shoes and I obviously love Hello Kitty. My pocketbook will probably be very mad at me though. LOL.

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More Pink Hello Kitty Golf Balls!



Pink golf balls everywhere! Yay!!! I hope my mom has no trouble locating these. LOL.

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Hello Kitty Pink Golf Balls



My mom likes to golf, so I thought what could be better to get for her than pink Hello Kitty golf balls?!? These are a pale pink with a Hello Kitty pic. I also got her some brighter pink balls. That way no one will be mixing up her golf ball with theirs. LOL.

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2012 Hello Kitty Postal Coin Bank



This awesomely cute HK coin bank is from 2012, and it features Hello Kitty in a grey postal outfit with red bows carrying an envelope next to a mail box. I believe it is porcelain or ceramic of some kind, and it has a slot for you to keep your pennies in place!

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Hello Kitty Towels



I almost forgot I had these awesome towels! One has the mountain on it (I’m assuming it is Mt. Fuji in Japan), and the other is Hello Kitty at a bus stop. She is saying “How do you do? Friends call me Hello Kitty. Say hello to me when you see me!”