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OMG Cute Wallpapers!
October 21, 2013


OMG you guys! I found this site that has a ton of cute wallpapers! Not exactly Hello Kitty, but still supercute! It is in Japanese I think, but you don’t need to read it in order to download. Just click on the size of the pic you want underneath the thumbnail! Here it is:


Hello Kitty Petal Pens!
July 29, 2013

Supercute Hello Kitty Tokidoki Purse!
July 9, 2013


OMG you guys! I was so happy when this purse came on sale on recently! It might still be there for sale, so check it out. I know, a bit crazy, but I really love this purse. It is the perfect size too, and it has cute charms and the fun images on it! 🙂 Yay! P.S. Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. I still have tons of stuff to document, but school has been keeping me busy! 🙂 P.P.S. Click the image to enlarge! 🙂

Cute Pic for the Day!
July 8, 2013

Hello-Kitty-comic-conhaha! I just noticed that Dear Daniel is super-tiny while Hello Kitty is giant! Too funny!!! lol


Hello Kitty Music Legos
July 5, 2013

kittymusiclegoI found this cute HK music lego scene! I got the music one, because I love music, but they have other scenes available too! 🙂 Aren’t they adorable??? 🙂 Click the pic to enlarge. 🙂


Happy 4th of July Kitty Pics!
July 4, 2013



Beach Kitty Pic! Yay!
June 17, 2013


Happy Father’s Day 2013!
June 15, 2013



Hello Kitty in Space! Yay!
January 30, 2013

Pink Hello Kitty Ornament Doll
January 5, 2013

Here’s another one of my creations! A pink Hello Kitty doll! 🙂 You can also check out some of my other creations at my other blog:


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