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Valentine Hello Kitty!

I’m posting this a bit late, but I got this beautiful and thoughtful Hello Kitty for Valentine’s Day from my good friend Bruce! 🙂 She is so wonderful and it made me feel warm and fuzzy to get something so sweet! Yay for Valentine’s Day and good friends! My pen slipped and I accidentally got some red ink over her eye that I haven’t been able to get off yet, but she still looks pretty as can be with the red heart patch on her chest saying “I Heart U!”


3 thoughts on “Valentine Hello Kitty!

  1. Your collection is way cool! Maybe you could try hairspray to remove the red ink stain on the beeauuutiful little hello kitty’s eye. It really works getting ink out of fabric.
    Thank you for posting your Hello Kitty stuff!! I really enjoyed !

  2. excuse me, I have a friend who’se daughter just lost this exact same toy, could you please please tell me where you bought this from? trying to replace a 1yo’s comfort item.

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