Merry-Go-Round Musical Snow Globe Hello Kitty


This is something that I recently purchased from and I just adore it! It features Hello Kitty riding the merry-go-round within a snow globe AND it is a wind-up music box too! The song it plays is the children’s rhyme “This Old Man,” you know, the one with a knick knack paddy whack give the dog a bone…etc. 🙂 I’m putting two photos up, but I’m not sure if you can tell–one of the pics shows the snow falling and the other one has the snow settled to the bottom. Hello Kitty also spins around on her pony! A great addition to any Hello Kitty collection! Click the images to enlarge. 🙂


7 Responses

  1. I looked on the Sanrio website and they don’t have this snow globe. Do you know of another place that sells it?

    • I’m sorry. I don’t know where else to get it. It is probably sold out from the sanrio site, because it was a Christmas item. 😦 You might try though.

  2. where is this from i would love to get one 🙂

    • I got it from, but I don’t think they have them for sale anymore. You might want to check though. 🙂

  3. i did check but cant find any do u know where else what other sites are there

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